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Technologies gaining popularity on the internet are web 2.0

Technologies gaining popularity on the internet are web 2.0  Web 2.0,  “this culture of use involves several features, principally that users create content as well as read it; and that access to and participation in this endeavour is part of a conversational approach to information circulation, involving online sharing within friendship groups”. (Allen, 2013, p. […]

Trends in information technology

Trends in information technology Jaron Lanier is essentially a philosopher with functional experience in the technological information world. He explores current trends in information technology and uses this to construct how the future will look – how large firms (Siren Servers) exploit current knowledge without realising that jobs will be lost. He questions how we […]

Technologies are tools and part of human evolution

Technologies are tools and part of human evolution An essential part of human evolution has been our ability to adapt and invent, and to solve problems. “So the major trends in technology evolution actually are the same as in biological evolution” (Kelly, 2005). Inventing a solution to a problem can be termed technology. Technology is […]

Digital services we carry out

Services. Our services include: Australian web hosting and Domain registration website planning website creation website design graphic design seo performance tweaking link building website monitoring google monitoring website enhancement brand identity online advertising online marketing social media marketing google PPC monitoring E-Commerce websites Brand identity We are determined to create you a great online brand […]

Why should we use Cenplus?

Cenplus is determined to keep clients happy, and continue to be satisfied with the workmanship that goes into Cenplus projects. We focus on continual growth for your business and endeavour to make the changes or tweaks required to achieve this. With carefully planned advertising techniques Cenplus can help you achieve a great online presence.   […]

Does Cenplus help my Business grow on Google?

Cenplus can help your online Business grow and continue to grow to increase your sales, we have competitive methods to help your website flourish. We carry out competitor research and put the best methods into practise as part of a package. One of our clients AA Mobile Safety Certificates has grown very well over the […]

Why get a website with Cenplus?

Cenplus cares about its clients and would like to see them succeed with their online business as well as offline sales. We are determined to help you get the results you want with your business. We monitor your website performance and make it a great experience for your visitors. We target your specific market with […]