Cenplus Digital


Our services include:

Digital marketing strategy

As part of your DMS or digital marketing strategy we cover the above services in 360 degrees solution. We also allow clients to pick and choose which service/s they require, we can tailor a plan to your specific situation.

Our digital packages include a component which includes google paid pre click advertising or PPC. We incorporate paid per click advertising as this helps bring out areas that need to be addressed. We carry out market research and competitor research with the use of online tools.

We can provide you with reports of the progress of your online business or website.


We cover the following areas during the planning stage:

  • Analysis
  • Audience
  • Objectives
  • Channels
  • Action plan
  • Budget
  • Measure and tweaking

PPC or paid per click advertising is a great way to generate potential leads which can turn into sales. We study the market place in this fashion to establish what works.

Digital Website packages.

Cenplus Starter package

This is a great way to get started with Cenplus. We develop a basic business or personal website for you. We have traffic through Cenplus and Cendirectory.com website.

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Small Business website package

We spend more time on refining your online business and making sure it can produce ROI or return on investment. We study the market place and make sure we are within the project scope.

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Cenplus Google Ultimate package

We carry out Google research in more depth and use Email marketing campaigns.

We build different online strategies using social media and BLOGS. We use many techniques we have developed over a long period of time to get results you want.

We invest more budgets into paid per click campaigns. We take careful consideration of the monitoring results brought from your online presence.

Paid per click Google Advertising or PPC

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Cenplus Google Pro package

This is where we look at our avenues of online advertising and use this to enhance your existing project. We carry out Email marketing and carry out paid per click on the FACEBOOK network. We continue to evaluate your business or project and examine strategies to make your business better.

We continue to create more online listings of your business and try to enhance these.

We spend much more time on getting your business website out there and create meaningful content.

Paid per click Google Advertising or PPC

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Link Building
Good SEO relies on quality backlinks. Our team will put in the great effort to build credible link referrals that drive measurable results.
Give Google What They Want
We are not interested in unethical practices that seek to rank your business quickly while destroying its online reputation. We give Google what they want, the first time, every time!