Web Hosting Technology

All servers deployed for use with our Cloud Hosting products are based around the IBM Flex x240 Blade Chassis and contain Dual Intel Octa Core Xeon® E5-2690v2 processors and 256 GB DDR3 ECC RAM. Complementing these components are high-speed SANs with SAS hard drives. These servers provide a powerful and reliable foundation for our hosting products.

Australian Web Hosting

We invest in the best technology for you

We advise that all our Australian clients have their emails and data hosted in Australia to maximise efficiency and speed.








cenplus-wp-websites WordPress Technology

We use WordPress Technology and can manage all this for you. You are also able to edit your own web site if so required.


WordPress was originally designed for Blogging where users can post comments and interact with the website. Additional features called plugins can be added to allow extra functionally of the website such as emailing capabilities. Different themes can be used to make the website appealing and different theme structures can be used for an arrange of styled websites. Themes can be purchased as different companies or wordpress theme developers create these for your convenience.

You can also create these themes yourself. you can create “child themes—a powerful way to customize existing WordPress themes while keeping the original code intact” (Leary, 2013, p. 125).











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